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About Us

About Us


Mohit Exim Has Created a legacy of Trust For itself in Manufacturing & Export Premium Quality Cast iron Product.

Mohit Exim is Located in the Lodhika G.I.D.C., Metoda, Rajkot, Gujarat (India) Based Manufacturing, Exporter, and Supplier of Cast iron Product.

We Supply Mainly Two Type of Cast iron Mfg Using This method 1) Sand Casting & 2) Investment Casting. We supply Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Casting Made at Semi-automated & fully automated foundries Located in India. We can Take up Cast iron Parts are manufactured as Per Drawing ,Specification & Material Composition Provide by Customers.

We provide sand casting mainly Two type of moulding /casting process: 1) Green sand Moulding & 2) NO BAKE Moulding.

We manufacture precision Casting from Metal/Alloys such as Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Nickel based Steel, Super Alloy, Iconel, Monel, Ductile Iron, Aluminum Alloys, Copper based Alloys, Bronze Alloys and many other Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals.

We test Our Cast iron Product on a Variety of Parameters before Supplying and Exporting its Our Clients. Our Foundries Facilities for manufacturing casting Up to Single Piece Weight of 9 MT in Sand Casting.

So, we can provide our customers with the Highest Quality Products with our Latest Casting Technology.

We manufacturing all kind of cast iron Casting for Machine Manufacturers Such as CNC, VMC, HMC, VTL, Boring Machine, Milling Machine, Grinding, Special Purpose Machine, and Other Gearbox Housing, Industrial Valve &n Industrial Pump, Press Parts, Electric Motor, wind Power, Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Marine, Turbine, General Engineering etc.


To Develop Long term business relations with Our Customer.

To Provide High-Quality Product.

We fulfill our customer needs for Technology.

Promoting ethical business conduct.


To Make most Valuable & Trusted Brand.

Coming Together is the Beginning, Staying Together is Progress and Working Together is Success.

Quality Control

Incoming Raw Material & in process casting Inspection.

Full-fledged laboratory with Spectrometer, Microscope, UTM, XRF & Sand testing lab.

Our Strength

Use of casting product simulation software

Single piece casting weight from 0.1 KGs to 9000 KGs.

No restriction about size & shape.

Use of finest grade of raw material.

Lesser in-house rejections.

Well experienced man power.

User of Soft cast (Casting Simulation software), Pro-E (Creo), Autocad.

Supply of defect free products & Timely delivery.

Fully machined castings.

Sectorial Presence (Application Field)

CNC Machine Base, Column, Saddles, Base, Head Stocks, Slides, Saddles etc. (All Machine tools)

Valve & Pumps

Motor & Tubine Parts

Gearbox Parts

Hydraulic & Power Press Parts Casting

Automobile Parts

Aerospace & defence

Wind Energy Parts

Surface Plate

Switch Gear Parts

Earth Moving Equipment Parts

General Engineering

Railway & Marine Parts

Oil & Gas Field Parts & etc.

Our Facilities

Melting Shop : Induction Furnace

Melting Shop : Cupola Furnace

Mould & Core shop

Other Major Facilities : Pattern shop, Heat treatment

Other Major Facilities : Shot blasting Machine

Casting design software : PTC Creo Parametric Version 3.0

Lab Testing Facilities : (Chemical Testing)

Spectra Testing

Micro Testing

Sand Lab (Clay Washer)

Muffle Furnace


Sand Rammer

Sieve shaker

Core Hardness Tester

Lab Testing Facilities : (Physical Testing)


U.T.M. Testing

Delivery Terms

Ex Works,FOB, CIF, DAP, DDP etc- we agree to all INCOTERMS..

We make following...

Gray Cast Iron Standards

IS: 210, BS: 1452, JIS: G-5501, DIN: 1691, EN: 1561, ASTM-A48 in all grades.

Ductile Iron Standards

IS: 1865, BS: 2789, JIS: G-5502, DIN: 1693, EN: 1563, ASTM-A536 in all grades.

Technical material poured standard

Carbon Steel A216 - WCB 1.0619
A216 - WCC  
A352 - LCC 1.1138
A352 - LCB  
Low Alloys Steels A217 - WC1 1.5419
A217 - WC4  
A217 - WC5  
A217 - WC6 1.7356
A217 - WC9 1.7379
A217 - WC11  
A217 - C5 1.7363
A217 - C12  
A217 - C12A  
Martensitic Steels A743 - CA15 1.4008
A743 - CA40 1.4028
A743 CA-6NM 1.4313
Heat Resisting Steel A297 - HF 1.4825
A297 - HH 1.4837
A297 - HI 1.4846
A297 - HK 1.4848
A297 - HD 1.4823
Austenitic Stainless Steel A351 - CF8 1.4308
A351 - CF8M 1.4408
A351 - CF3 1.4306
A351 - CF3M 1.4404 / 1.4409
A351 - CF8C 1.4827
A351 - CF10 1.4308
A351 - CK20 1.4843
A351 - CH20  
A351 - CN7M 1.4500
A351 - CG8M 1.4431
A351 - CG3M  
Austenitic Ferrite Duplex Steels A351 - CF3MN 1.4435
A351 - CD4MCu  
A351 - CG6MMN 1.3964
A351 - CK3MCuN  
Super Duplex Stainless Steel A890 - GR1A  
A890 - GR2A  
A890 - GR3A  
A890 - GR4A  
A890 - GR5A  
A890 - GR6A  
Nickle Based Super Alloys A494 - M-35-1 2.4365
A494 - M-35-2  
A494 - M 30 C  
A494 - N-12MV  
A494 - N-7M  
A494 - CY40 2.4816
A494 - CW12MW 2.4686
A494 - CW6M  
A494 - CW2M 2.4610
A494 - CW6MC 2.4856
A494 - CX2MW 2.4602
A494 - Cu5MCuC 2.4858
A560 - 50Cr50Ni  
A560 - 50Cr50Ni-Nb 2.4813
A560 - 60Cr40Ni  
Cobalt Based Alloys STELLITE 3  
Triballoy T 400